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Netherlands Armed Forces

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by Hans Boersma


NATO Commands
Ministry of Defence
Order of Battle:
Naval Command Netherlands
Naval Command Netherlands Antilles
1 (NL) Corps
National Territorial Command
National Logistic Command
Royal Army Signals Command
Royal Army Medical Command
Royal Army Training Command / Army Training and Replacement Command
Royal Military Constabulary
Corps of Mobile Columns
Royal Air Force
Tactical Air Force Command
Logistic and Training Command
Unit Organisation and Equipment
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations


What's New

13.02.2018 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment: revised and expanded The Armoured Infantry Battalion YP-408.
09.02.2018 Updated 1 (NL) Corps Artillery: expanded footnote 11.
Updated National Territorial Command: added National Reserve Corps.
Updated National Territorial Command: minor revision to Operational Role.
08.01.2018 Updated 302 Infantry Brigade: added Operational Role.
08.01.2018 Updated 304 Infantry Brigade
: added Operational Role.
24.12.2017 Updated National Territorial Command: added map.
19.12.2017 Updated National Territorial Command: added Operational Role.
19.12.2017 Updated National Territorial Command, Part III: added note c. 
27.11.2017 Updated Marine Corps: minor addition to footnote 12.
Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment: added The Quadruple Antiaircraft Machine Gun Platoon.
13.11.2017 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment, The National Reserve Platoon: revised footnote 4.
13.11.2017 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment: 305 Commando Battalion: revised footnote 2.
13.11.2017 Updated National Territorial Command, Part III: expanded note d and footnote 9.
13.11.2017 Updated National Territorial Command, Part III: added note c.
13.11.2017 Updated National Territorial Command, Part II: revised note d.
13.11.2017 Updated Corps Logistic Command: minor revision to Forward Storage Sites, revised footnote 25.
08.11.2017 Added National Territorial Command, Part III.
08.11.2017 Updated NATO Commands: revised Northern Army Group and footnotes 30 and 31.

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