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Netherlands Armed Forces

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by Hans Boersma


NATO Commands
Ministry of Defence
Order of Battle:
Naval Command Netherlands
Naval Command Netherlands Antilles
Royal Air Force
Tactical Air Force Command
Logistic and Training Command
Unit Organisation and Equipment
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations


What's New

04.09.2018 Updated Preface: revised Through a glass, darkly (2) and added footnote 16.
04.09.2018 Updated Introduction: added footnote 4.
26.08.2018 Updated Marine Corps, United Kingdom/Netherlands Landing Force: improved the organisational chart regarding 45 (UK) Commando Group Royal Marines. Thanks to Platoon Sergeant A.A. Voois of the National Reserve Corps (NATRES) for suggesting this. Added footnote 28 and expanded footnote 33.
14.08.2018 Updated 
Army Training and Replacement Command: added Operational Role: Wartime Personnel Replacement.
Updated Army Training and Replacement Command, Part I: added note b and footnote 2.
14.08.2018 Updated Royal Army Training Command, Part I: expanded note a, expanded note d (thanks to Willem Smit of the Netherlands Institute of Military History (NIMH) and Cavalry Captain J.P.A. Steenmetz (Rtd.) for identifying an abbreviation), expanded footnote 1. 
14.08.2018 Updated Corps Logistic Command, Part V: expanded note j, added footnote 13.
Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment, The Brigade Supply Company: revised and expanded, added footnote 6.
29.07.2018 Added 
Army Training and Replacement Command, Part II.
Updated Royal Army Training Command: added footnote 5.
27.07.2018 Added Army Training and Replacement Command, Part I.
25.07.2018 Updated
Royal Army Training Command: revised and expanded.
23.07.2018 Added Royal Army Training Command.
24.06.2018 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment, 129 Field Artillery Battalion, Nuclear Deployed: minor amendment, see footnote 2.
21.06.2018 Updated
Royal Army Medical Command: added Operational Role and Reorganisation.
21.06.2018 Revised and expanded 781, 782 and 783 Medical Group.
04.06.2018 Added 783 Medical Group.
03.06.2018 Updated
782 Medical Group: minor amendments.
03.06.2018 Updated
781 Medical Group: minor amendments.
03.06.2018 Added 782 Medical Group.
Updated 781 Medical Group: corrected total wartime strength.
02.06.2018 Updated 781 Medical Group: corrected total peactime strength to nil.
02.06.2018 Updated Preface: expanded footnotes 12, 13, 14.
02.06.2018 Added 781 Medical Group, Part II.
01.06.2018 Added 781 Medical Group, Part I.
01.06.2018 Added Royal Army Medical Command.
01.06.2018 Revised and expanded
Royal Army Signal Command, Part I.

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