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Netherlands Armed Forces

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What's New

07.12.2021 Updated Royal Navy: added Naval Command Netherlands Antilles.
07.12.2021 Updated
Unit Organisation and Equipment: added The Security Detachment Netherlands Antilles.
07.12.2021 Updated Royal Navy, Marine Corps: various small revisions and some editorial changes because of the addition of Naval Command Netherlands Antilles. Several unit strengths have been corrected internally to count corporals as sub-officers; this revision is not yet complete.   
07.12.2021 Updated Royal Navy, List of Ships: minor addition to Tugboats, note c; added note b sub Diving Tenders.
14.11.2021 Updated Royal Army, Royal Military Constabulary: several additions and revisions.
Updated Royal Navy, Naval Command Netherlands, Part III: Service Support (Land): expanded note j.
09.11.2021 Updated Links.
02.11.2021 Updated Royal Navy, Marine Corps, Part III and
Unit Organisation and Equipment, The Security Detachment: corrected unit strength (sub-officers/enlisted).
02.11.2021 Updated Royal Army, passim: changed unit location Uddel to Nieuw Milligen.
13.10.2021 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment, 3 Amphibious Combat Group: minor revision, see footnote 2.
13.10.2021 Updated Royal Army, National Logistic Command and 1 (NL) Corps, 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade: minor addition regarding the unit location Uddel (Nieuw Milligen). Thanks to Harold Bergers.

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