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Netherlands Armed Forces

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by Hans Boersma


NATO Commands
Ministry of Defence
Order of Battle:
Naval Command Netherlands
Naval Command Netherlands Antilles
1 (NL) Corps
National Territorial Command
National Logistic Command
Royal Army Signal Command
Royal Army Medical Command
Royal Army Training Command / Army Training and Replacement Command
Royal Military Constabulary
Mobile Columns Corps
Royal Air Force
Tactical Air Force Command
Logistic and Training Command
Unit Organisation and Equipment
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations


What's New

20.05.2018 Updated Royal Army Signal Command: added Operational Role.
Updated Links.
15.05.2018 Updated Royal Army Signal Command: added Part II.
13.05.2018 Added Royal Army Signal Command, Part I.
Updated Preface: expanded footones 5 and 9.
09.05.2018 Updated Mobile Columns Corps: added Reorganisations and Disbandment 1984-1993 and footnote 8.
08.05.2018 Updated Mobile Columns Corps: revised and expanded Force Profile and Operational Role.
08.05.2018 Updated Mobile Columns Corps, Part IV: added notes b to d.
07.05.2018 Updated Mobile Columns Corps: added Force Profile and Operational Role.
07.05.2018 Updated Links.
Added Mobile Columns Corps, Part IV.
05.05.2018 Added Mobile Columns Corps, Part III.
04.05.2018 Added Mobile Columns Corps, Part II.
02.05.2018 Added Mobile Columns Corps, Part I.
05.04.2018 Updated
Preface: minor revisions.
04.04.2018 Added Preface.
Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment: corrected and expanded The Reconnaissance Battalion. Thanks to Eric Boot for providing information on the vehicles in the staff and support squadron (which did not include, as previously stated, M113 C&Vs).
10.03.2018 Revised Introduction.
04.03.2018 Updated National Territorial Command, Gelderland Provincial Military Command/Garrison Command and 812 Transport Group: corrected "Twello" to "Teuge". Thanks to Harold Bergers for spotting this.

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