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Netherlands Armed Forces

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NATO Commands
Ministry of Defence
Order of Battle:
Unit Organisation and Equipment
Unit Symbols
Regimental and Corps Affiliations


What's New

07.04.2019 Updated Unit Organisation and Equipment: added G Military Constabulary Squadron.
07.04.2019 Updated Royal Army,
Part IV: revised note b.
07.04.2019 Updated Royal Military Constabulary, Part I: expanded note g.
06.04.2019 Updated Royal Military Constabulary: several revisions and expansions.
Updated Royal Army: added total peace and wartime strengths (below Part V).
31.03.2019 Updated Royal Army: added Part V.
31.03.2019 Updated Royal Army, Part IV: revised note b and expanded footnote 10.
31.03.2019 Updated 101 Signal Group: changed the translation of "lijn" from "wire" to "line", as per VS 2-1392/11, Bijlage C.
24.03.2019 Updated Royal Army: added Part IV.
24.03.2019 Updated 
Royal Army Signal Command: minor addition to footnote 4.
17.03.2019 Updated Royal Army, Part I: added note d, several revisions.
16.03.2019 Updated Royal Army: added Part III.
16.03.2019 Updated Royal Army, Part I: expanded note a, revised note b.
16.03.2019 Revised
Ministry of Defence.
12.03.2019 Updated and expanded Royal Army.
12.03.2019 Updated Ministry of Defence: for the sake of clarity the translation of "Zeestrijdkrachten","Landstrijdkrachten" and "Luchtstrijdkrachten" has been changed to "Navy", "Army" and "Air Force", rather than "Naval Forces", "Land Forces" and "Air Forces" respectively. Also applied further throughout this website.
05.03.2019 Updated 
Royal Military Constabulary, Part I: revised and expanded note e and expanded footnote 2.
Added Royal Military Constabulary, Part II.
03.03.2019 Added Royal Military Constabulary, Part I.

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