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12 Armoured Infantry Brigade
12 Pantserinfanteriebrigade (12 Painfbrig)

  12 PainfbrigStstcie 12 Painfbrig12 Briggnkcie12 Paatcie59 Tkbat13 Painfbat13 Bevocie Painfbrig12 Hrstcie Painfbrig14 Afdva12 Pagncie11 Painfbat
Unit Main Equipment Location Peace Strength War Strength
Staff and Staff Company
12 Armoured Infantry Brigade
                  Vierhouten 30/35/113 (178)
32/34/148/2 (216)
11 Armoured Infantry Battalion YP-408 Arnhem 38/110/492 (640) 41/117/661/2 (821)
13 Armoured Infantry Battalion YP-408 Schalkhaar 38/110/492 (640) 41/117/661/2 (821)
12 Armoured Antitank Company YPR-765 PRAT Vierhouten 7/21/82 (110) 9/26/135 (170)
59 Tank Battalion [a] Centurion Mk 5/2, Leopard 1V 't Harde 31/78/319 (428) 37/99/466/2 (604)
12 Armoured Engineer Company                     Vierhouten 8/25/132 (165) 7/27/182 (216)
14 Field Artillery Battalion [b] M109A2/A3 31/87/434/2 (554)
13 Brigade Supply Company                         Vierhouten 6/20/117 (143) 8/28/267 (303)
12 Brigade Repair Company                         Nieuw Milligen 8/48/179 (235) 8/47/188 (243)
12 Brigade Medical Company                       Vierhouten 12/18/118 (148) 19/21/144/2 (186)

12 Armoured Infantry Brigade Peace Strength: 178/465/2044 (2687)
12 Armoured Infantry Brigade War Strength: 233/603/3286/12 (4134)


a. 59 Tank Battalion was transitioning from Centurion Mk 5/2 to Leopard 1V, whilst concurrently adopting a new organisation type which would add a mobilisable fourth tank squadron to the battalion's war strength (the old battalion organisation is described in detail here). A and B Squadron were re-equipped in January and May 1985 respectively. As per the planning of July 1985 C Squadron was to be re-equipped in November 1985. The Staff and Support Squadron was to transition in November 1986, in which month D Squadron (mobilisable) was to be added as well.1 However, given the persistence of the technical problems with the Leopard 1 upgrading programme and the delays these had already caused, it is quite possible that further delays occurred.2 D Squadron would be filled by the mobilisable personnel of B Squadron, 58 Tank Battalion (RIM) for ten months after their fourteen to sixteen-month RIM period in that unit had expired.3
b. RIM battalion, filled by mobilisable batteries that had fulfilled their active-duty period in 41 Field Artillery Battalion between four and twenty months prior to mobilisation.4

Combat Formations

Following the Royal Army's tactical doctrine and established modus operandi the brigade would not fight in the organic order of battle displayed above but form combined-arms battle groups, as illustrated in Unit Organisation and Equipment, Mixed Battalions and Company Teams.

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2. According to the initial planning of 1982, 59 Tankbattalion was to transition between March and August 1984, with D Squadron to be added in March 1986. SSA-MvD, CLAS/BLS 7486, Planningsmemorandum Instroming Leopard 1V, Leopard 2 (etc.) d.d. 29 december 1982. The last of the 468 Leopard 1Vs was delivered on 16 December 1987. Smit, Leopard 1, 95-96. For a detailed analysis of the problems with the Leopard 1 upgrading programme and their consequences, see NL-HaNA 2.13.182, inv. nr. 682, Aantekening DMKL "Het wapensysteem Leopard 1V" d.d. 28 augustus 1986, 6-8; HTK 1989-1990, kamerstuknr. 21610 ondernr. 2 (Rapport Leopardtanks Algemene Rekenkamer), 52-61, 68-71; Smit, op. cit., 95-100.
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4. Ibid., d.d. 23 november 1983. Ibid., d.d. 11 juni 1985. RIM was the Dutch acronym for Direct Influx into Mobilisable Units (Rechtstreekse Instroming in Mobilisabele Eenheden). For a survey of the Royal Army's unit filling and reserve system see Gijsbers, Blik in de smidse, 2222-2231; Selles, Personele vulling; Berghuijs, Opleiding, 14-23. In English: Isby and Kamps, Armies, 341-343; Sorrell, Je Maintiendrai, 94-96; Van Vuren, The Royal Netherlands Army TodayMilitary Review April 1982, 23-28.