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Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof (GE)
Commando Nederlandse Troepen Seedorf/Hohne/Langemannshof
(Conltr Sdf/Ho/Lmhof)

Unit Location Peace Strength War Strength
Staff and Staff Detachment
Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof
Seedorf (GE) 24/65/98/37 (224) 7/13/10 (30)
Barracks Command Seedorf Barracks Seedorf (GE) 3/25/24/15 (67) 3/16/9 (28)
Barracks Command Hohne Barracks Hohne (GE) 1/14/18/10 (43)
Barracks Command Langemannshof Barracks Langemannshof (GE) 1/9/19/7 (36)
Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof Peace Strength: 29/113/159/69 (370)
Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof War Strength: 10/29/19 (58)
Operational Role: 1 (NL) Corps Forward-Deployed Element

The somewhat elaborately named Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof was basically a Dutch garrison command in West Germany. It was part of and provided the military infrastructure for the forward-deployed element of 1 (NL) Corps, which further comprised 103 Reconnaissance Battalion, 41 Armoured Brigade and 41 Engineer Battalion. The command was held by Commander, 41 Armoured Brigade. In addition to their normal duties the staff and staff detachment would support the commander in his relations with German authorities. As can be gathered from the difference in peace and wartime strengths, the command was primarily a peacetime organisation.1

On mobilisation the aforementioned units would deploy towards the Inner German Border to cover the approach march of the rest of 1 (NL) Corps from the Netherlands. See 1 (NL) Corps, Maldeployment and 41 Armoured Brigade, Operational Role: The Corps Covering Force. The table below summarises the locations and personnel strengths of the forward-deployed element:
1 (NL) Corps Forward-Deployed Element in West Germany, 1985
Peace Strength War Strength
Command of Netherlands Troops in Seedorf, Hohne, Langemannshof 29/113/159/69 (370) 10/29/19 (58)

Units based at Seedorf Barracks Peace Strength War Strength
103 Reconnaissance Battalion 27/96/402 (525) 30/127/573/2 (732)
41 Armoured Brigade, minus the units based at Hohne and Langemannshof Barracks 145/404/1886 (2435) 124/284/1772/8 (2188)
41 Engineer Battalion 29/74/376 (479) 31/89/551/2 (673)
Units based at Hohne Barracks  Peace Strength War Strength
41 Tank Battalion 38/95/407 (540) 37/98/443/2 (580)
125 Repair Company (Corps) 6/38/115 (159) 8/41/151 (200)
503 Materiel Support Platoon PRTL 1/8/19 (28) 1/12/29 (42)
Units based at Langemannshof Barracks  Peace Strength War Strength
43 Tank Battalion 38/95/407 (540) 37/98/443/2 (580)
41 Armoured Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battery 9/33/104 (146) 10/42/133 (185)
1 (NL) Corps Forward-Deployed Element Peace Strength: 322/956/3875/69 (5222)
1 (NL) Corps Forward-Deployed Element War Strength: 288/820/4114/16 (5238)

1. For this paragraph: NL-HaNA 2.13.148, inv. nr. 685, OTAS Staf en stafdetachement Commando Nederlandse troepen Seedorf/Hohne/Langemannshof d.d. 7 oktober 1978. Asbreuk, Griffoen, 47, 48.

Conltr Sdf/Ho/LmhofKazco Lpl SeedorfKazco Lpl HohneKazco Lpl LangemannshofStstdet