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Light Aviation Group
Groep Lichte Vliegtuigen (GPLV) 1

  299 SqltvltgnStstsq GPLVOnhmatsq302 Sqltvltgn300 Sqltvltgn298 SqltvltgnGPLV [Gpltvltgn]
Unit Main Equipment Location Peace Strength War Strength
Staff and Staff Squadron
Light Aviation Group
              Deelen 26/45/38 (109)
28/65/63 (156)
298 Light Aviation Squadron 24 x Alouette III Soesterberg 48/45/60 (153) 56/50/77 (183)
299 Light Aviation Squadron 24 x BO-105C Deelen 48/45/60 (153) 56/50/77 (183)
300 Light Aviation Squadron 18 x Alouette III
Deelen 31/42/51 (124) 38/39/65 (142)
302 Light Aviation Squadron [a] 18 x Alouette III 44/43/74 (161)
Maintenance and Materiel Squadron                   Soesterberg 6/95/70 (171) 6/100/98 (204)

Light Aviation Group Peace Strength: 159/272/279 (710)
Light Aviation Group War Strength: 228/347/454 (1029)


a.Filled by mobilisable personnel that had served in 299 Light Aviation Squadron up to eight and a half years prior to mobilisation.2

Operational Role

The GPLV helicopter fleet, comprising twenty-four BO-105C and seventy-two Alouette III helicopters, was operated by the Royal Air Force and owned by the Royal Army.3 Falling under the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force in peacetime, the GPLV's operational role was to fly scouting, liaison and light transport missions for 1 (NL) Corps, under which command they would fall in wartime. 300 Squadron provided the Helicopter Type and Theatre Conversion, the Elementary Tactical Helicopter Course and the Advanced Tactical Helicopter Course for 298 and 299 Squadron.4

1.In some Army documents the somewhat cumbersome abbreviation "Gpltvltgn"is used.
2.NIMH 205A/10, Aflossing van mobilisabele eenheden en -aanvullingen d.d. 27 mei 1980. Ibid., d.d. 11 november 1983. Ibid., d.d. 17 juni 1985.
3.Pilots and technicians belonged to the Royal Air Force; it may therefore be that these are not included in the strengths above.
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