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Regimental and Corps Affiliations 1

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Regiments in the Royal Army were associations of tradition and ceremony, not military formations. Numbered units carried the names and traditions of their parent regiments and corps as a means of promoting unit cohesion through a cultivated sense of identity and historical awareness. However, as there was no serious attempt to keep professional officers and sub-officers assigned within the same regiment throughout their service careers,
the Royal Army's regimental system was not as important for unit cohesion as the British regimental system. On the other hand, many mobilisable units and their conscript personnel retained the regimental affiliation of their active-duty counterpart units.2 

Table 1 below clarifies the official regimental and corps abbreviations
(e.g. 12 Pantserinfanteriebataljon GRJ) used in the tabular data of the brigade pages (mouseover function). In the tables below, pointing your mouse to an abbreviation will display the major units that were part of that regiment or corps.

For the sake of completeness Table 2 to Table 4 list the remaining regiments, corps and services of the armed forces and their official abbreviations, ordered by the armed service they belonged to.
Note that those abbreviations are not used in the order of battle pages, as the regimental and corps affiliations they indicate are self-explanatory (e.g. an engineer battalion belongs to the Engineer Regiment), and were not part of unit names.

Table 1: Royal Army: Infantry and Cavalry
Abbreviation In Full Battle Honours
GRJ  Garderegiment Jagers Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Ockenburg 1940, West-Java 1946-1949, East-Java 1947-1949
GRFPI Garderegiment Fuseliers Prinses Irene Saint-Come 1944, Pont Audemer 1944, Beeringen 1944, Tilburg 1944, Hedel 1945, West-Java 1946-1949, East-Java 1947-1949
GRG Garderegiment Grenadiers Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Ypenburg and Ockenburg 1940, West-Java 1946-1949, East-Java 1947-1949
KCT Korps Commandotroepen Arakan 1944, Arnhem 1944, Nijmegen 1944, Eindhoven 1944, Vlissingen 1944, Yogyakarta 1948 and Middle Sumatra 1948-1949
RHB Regiment Huzaren van Boreel Quatre Bras and Waterloo 1815, Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Java and Sumatra 1946-1949
RHPA Regiment Huzaren Prins Alexander Quatre Bras and Waterloo 1815, Ten Day's Campaign 1831
RHPO Regiment Huzaren Prins van Oranje Ten Day's Campaign 1831
RHVS Regiment Huzaren Van Sytzama Waterloo 1815
RICH Regiment Infanterie Chassé Quatre Bras and Waterloo 1815, Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Middle Java 1946-1949, South Sumatra 1947-1949
RIJWF Regiment Infanterie Johan Willem Friso Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Java and Sumatra 1946-1949
RIMVC  Regiment Infanterie Menno van Coehoorn Waterloo 1815, Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Valkenburg 1940, Java 1946-1949, Sumatra 1948-1949
RIOG Regiment Infanterie Oranje-Gelderland Quatre Bras and Waterloo 1815, Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Grebbeberg 1940, Java 1946-1949, Yogyakarta 1948, Middle Sumatra 1948-1949, New Guinea 1962
RLJ Regiment Limburgse Jagers Quatre Bras and Waterloo 1815, Ten Day's Campaign 1831, Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Venlo 1940, Zutphen 1940, Roermond 1940, West and Middle Java 1946-1949, North Sumatra 1947-1949
RS Regiment Stoottroepen North Brabant and Limburg 1944-1945, West and Middle Java 1946-1949, Middle Sumatra 1947-1949
RVH Regiment Van Heutsz Combat operations of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) 1816-1950, Korea 1950-1954

Table 2: Royal Army: Other
Abbreviation In Full Battle Honours
KL Koninklijke Landmacht                                                                          
KLUA Korps Luchtdoelartillerie Fortress Holland 1940
KMAR Koninklijke Marechaussee                                                                          
KMC Korps Mobiele Colonnes                                              
KRA Korps Rijdende Artillerie Quatre-Bras 1815, Waterloo 1815, Hasselt 1831, Kermpt 1831, Leuven 1831
KVA Korps Veldartillerie Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Mill 1940
NATRES Korps Nationale Reserve                                                  
RAAT Regiment Aan- en Afvoertroepen Java and Sumatra 1946-1949
RGKT Regiment Geneeskundige Troepen                                                    
RGNT Regiment Genietroepen Campaign of 1815, combat operations in 1830 and 1831, Citadel of Antwerp 1832, Rotterdam 1940, Java and Sumatra 1946-1949
RIT  Regiment Intendancetroepen                                                        
RTT Regiment Technische Troepen                                                              
RVT Regiment Verbindingstroepen Rotterdam 1940
Table 3: Royal Navy
Abbreviation In Full Battle Honours
KM Koninklijke Marine                                                                          
EKD Het Eskader Combat operations of the fleet 1597-1795, Combat operations of the fleet 1816-1870, Netherlands East Indies 1817-1927, Second World War 1940-1945
KMARNS Korps Mariniers Spain-Algiers, Netherlands West Indies, Seneffe, Kijkduin, Doggersbank, Atjeh-Bali, Chatham, Rotterdam, Java Sea, Java and Madura, New Guinea
MD Mijnendienst Netherlands coast 1940, British waters 1940-1944, East Indian Archipelago 1941-1942 and 1945-1949, Netherlands coast 1944-1945
MLD Marineluchtvaartdienst Netherlands East indies 1941-1942, Indian Ocean 1942-1945, North Sea 1941- 1942, Normandy 1944
OZD Onderzeedienst South China Sea 1941-1942, Mediterranean Sea 1941-1944
Table 4: Royal Air Force
Abbreviation In Full Battle Honours
KLu Koninklijke Luchtmacht Netherlands 1940, Netherlands East Indies and Malacca 1941-1942, England and Western Europe 1941-1945, Australia and the East Indian Archipelago 1942-1945

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